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Bespoke Eyewear Process 


- How the custom handcrafted eyewear process works from start to finish


Step 1) Summit Lifestyle Questionnaire Form 


Summit the questionnaire in order to get to know a bit about you and your needs and expectations before we get started. 



Step 2) Make an Appointment for Consultation


 - Make an appointment with a our frame maker go through more about details of glasses. 50% of total cost of installation payment required to be processed. 

Handcrafted Eyewear Sample Box



Step 3) Taking a Facial Measurement


- In-person/ remote Facial measurement process.

 Taking a measurement



Step 4) Mock-up Design Approval


- Providing Mock-up design based on precision facial measurement result for approval. 


 Eyewear Design


Step 5) Processing handcrafted eye wear 


 - Craft process time frame 3-4 weeks

Bespoke Eyewear



Step 6) Final Fitting & Payment for Collection/Shipping


- Deep-dive frame adjustment fitting for walk-in service.

- Pre-adjustment fitting for remote service.



*If you after dispensing prescription lens as well, custom eyewear process required to be done prior to glazing lenses service. 



Handmade glasses color




Upon receipt of your order, we conduct a comprehensive information gathering and analysis of your lifestyle and taste to design the perfect makeup for you. A profile questionnaire is used to learn about your lifestyle, your personality and your tastes. We have various special facial measurement kits are used to take detailed measurements of your face and your feature. Photographs capture your facial features then create molds of your nose, which we mold onto sections in our frames for perfect fit!


 Handcrafted eyewear shape




When you send us your information or you come in for your consultation,we take the time to get acquainted with every detail about yourself - which is different for everyone. We use this analysis to design frames that make our customers feel great about themselves! All these factors are analyzed by our team before moving forward into designing a frame which will make YOU look great (not just good).


 Hand engraving service




The production of your custom frame begins with the selection and preparation of an organic plastic, made from wood pulp and cotton. A block ready for crafting is selected before it's carved by hand into a beautiful bespoke piece you'll be proud to display! The bespoke design process is a complicated one that requires great attention and won’t be rushed. 

 It can take anywhere from four to six weeks for the whole thing, starting at once until it's completed in its entirety

The bespoke eyeglasses or sunglasses frame you ordered is shipped to your door in a protective case. All of the specifications, nose mold and measurements will be held on file so that future orders can easily be made for custom designs at different colors depending upon what suits your style best!


Custom handmade eyewear